Our Menu of Wedding Planning Services

We can help you with as much or as little of your wedding plans as you might need.  Our services are designed for your individual wedding.

As you’ve {probably} never planned a wedding before, you’re possibly not sure what you actually need help with. Our complimentary no obligation consultation is designed to get you focused on what you need from a Wedding Planner.

First thing to know about us is; whether you are planning an intimate elopement or week long wedding celebration regardless if you’ve only just gotten engaged or are mere weeks away from saying ‘I do’; we can work with you to ensure everything goes to plan.

Complimentary Consultation*

{Get to know us before you hire us} 

Your Wedding Planning Basics

{ A vision and priority review of your wedding and development of your personal wedding planning timeline.} 

Your Personal Wedding Budget

{Identifying what your vision and priorities cost and what you can afford.}

Wedding Style & Look Book Creation

{We help to take the vision you have {or help you create a vision if you don’t}  and design a wedding Look Book for you that can guide all your choices.} 

VIP Wedding Attire Styling & Shopping

{Chauffeur driven shopping day{s}, with Prosecco and Afternoon Tea}

Wedding Attire Styling & Shopping

{Assisting and/or attending with you all the appointments and shopping trips you require to ensure everyone is suitably dressed.}